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Mountain Biking



Anyone who visits the Cal Poly campus is struck by the incredible beauty of the region. The rolling hills are striking, covered with vibrant green grass during the spring and scattered with yucca and Coast Live Oak. It is possible to take in the beauty of the region by merely looking at the surroundings, but if one truly desires to experience Cal Poly's lands, it is necessary to actually enter the territory and explore. One of the easiest, fastest, and most thrilling ways to explore Cal Poly Land is on a mountain bike.

We have compiled a website that encompasses the essence of mountain biking on Cal Poly Land.The purpose of our site is to provide students, faculty, and the San Luis Obispo community with information regarding mountain biking trails on Cal Poly's lands. Our site includes information on equipment and provides internet links to various bike shops in the community. Hopefully after you peruse our website you will know a great deal more about the sport of mountain biking and the best trails Cal Poly has to offer.


Trails (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Local Bike Shops

More Links for Your Cal Poly Mountain Biking Experience