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Cal Poly Equestrian Team


The Equestrian Team is a show oriented team specializing in Hunter and Western riding.

The team started about 6 years ago, however, the team did not own its own horses at that time. Members had to find horses to ride and then the team would show together.

The equestrian team competes in IHSA which is a form of college level shows. Over the years the team has had many people go to regional, zones and nationals. In 2005, three riders from Cal Poly went to nationals. National shows are both team and individual. Points are given for each place. For example, first is 7 points, second is 5, third is 4, fourth is 3, fifth is 2 and sixth is 1. Once the team member earns 35 points, they can continue on to regional, then the top two in each class goes on to zones. Finally, the top two individuals in each class go on to nationals.

Currently the team has 5 horses, 3 English and 2 western; however they are in the process of getting rid of a few and getting some new horses. They practice 6 days a week with Sunday being the horses’ day off.

Currently the team has about 75 members. The Team is always looking for more equestrian riders. The members of the team range from beginners to advanced riders and the show classes range from walk/trot (English) or walk jog (western). They even include open over fences and open reining. Anyone can become involved with the team. You do not need a background in horses, nor do you have to be an animal science major to participate. They have members from almost all of the colleges on campus. If you are interested in joining the Equestrian team please email Emily Kazmaier at



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